White Rochelle posing.

Having fun with different Rochelle skins.

That’s a pretty Rochelle skin you got there, did you make it or did you find it?

I agree with dem. Very good skin, I want.


Found it on http://www.fpsbanana.com
They won’t let me link the page. Just search for Rochelle under skins.


The blood stains is mine though. Skin is very clean original.

The blood looks pretty bad but I like the gleam on the katana.

Gleam is Gimp edit. It is dry blood. Should look like that I think. Not accustomed to bloody white clothes so I really am not sure:smile:

I came in here thinking someone made a white rochelle. Skin and hair.

Wait, is her skin cleaned up at all?

The white orginal skin yes. I just added some smut.

You have been brutally disappointed, I’m afraid.

I thought you changed her skin color by the thread title haha. Great posing.

I don’t think that skin works anymore, it was for the demo. Now when you try to find its VPK lines, it isen’t there anymore cause its the full game.

I’m sure they’ll know how to install it, since add-ons in L4D2 are as easy as cake. That, and they just want the skin in their GMod as well.


just a little blood edit

Amazing work there, coco.

better. blood doesn’t lighten on different color clothes, blood is red due to being oxygenated by the air.

coco’s edit made it better:smile:

Here is the clean and unedited version. Perfect for blood edit practice.

amazing work!

and awesome skin!

Basically a Zoey model?