White rooms?

I know this sounds really simple.

Well, it is.

I just want a large map that is effectively like the white room in gm_construct.

Maybe even different white rooms (so we can’t see the other things in the other rooms?)

What I don’t want to see is a corridor leading to each white room, unless they can be turned invisible so the entire room is white. The problem with the current white rooms is that you can see the god damned entrance to the room! This ruins the feel and you can’t use a 360 camera then!

So, yeah

Simple as the title. Either one giant white room or many white rooms, as well as their walls being able to be edited, I mean come on that’s a needed feature of the map too.

…Why aren’t you just doing this yourself? :v:

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decompile construct and look for the entity names, i think you just have to allowtools on the brush and you can do colors

Because I have no idea what the hell I am doing most of the time in the first place. And, knowing me old gamedev buddy old pal, I will fuck it up beyond belief.

you make the room with nodraw

and then you use halflife/white

there’s no way you can fuck that up :zoid:

I always seem to have a way of doing so


Wait…who are you and what have you done with black-ice. The real black ice would be asking for trains.

Add trains to the map and you’ve got my seal of approval.

I think gm_construct just uses func_brush? just make a big box, texture it in tools/toolswhite, (or lightswhite001 or something like that) make each side a func brush, shove a skybox around it, and add a light and compile (light needed for lighting obv.)