White texture issues in Gmod


I haven’t played Gmod in a long while (around a year or more). Something sparked my interest in it again and i wanted to play.

it updated (as well as many other games i have on steam) started the game and as soon as i spawned a buggy i noticed something wrong. parts of the wheels has white texture blocks (not the entire wheel just a spot on the tire tread) , the right side brake has a white texture, the jalopy (yellow car) looks so bright in parts (lower half, parts of the wheels) that its white (massive HDR effect ?), when i flip the car on its top and let the car sit on the ground it appears as it should. Part of the air boats roll cage is white, the top of the motor is white. I initially thought it was a video driver issue (i was using a older driver), i updated but it did not fix the issue. none of the other games (such as HL2 & both EPs) play fine without any issues.

the only other game mod i have seen with these texture issues is Zombie panic source (which has the white texture issues like Gmod) but it always had these issues.

so far these are the only things that have texture issues as far as i seen. other then that the game plays great. (added) also some props and characters have the white texture issue (but not all have this issue). when playing Gmod a year ago i never had any issues with it.

system spec
P4 2.8ghz
2gb ram
Windows XP SP3
Geforce 6800 GT

any thoughts on this, anyone seen these issues in the game ?

here are some pictures so you can see what i am talking about.