White Trees

Basically, I need white trees for my Mirror’s Edge themed map. Since porting the models from the game is impossible, I would need some custom models made for the map instead. I want a few of these models, essentially with them similar looking but differently sized, because there are a few places that I need to put these types of trees in and would require different sizes depending on where.

Here’s a few reference pictures of what I want it to look like.

Anyone interested?

-snip- didn’t read the whole thing

Newest version of umodel supports multiple UVW channels so you should be fine when grabbing props from it.

Another problem with that is, well, I have no idea how to do that. If anyone does, however, I would love them forever. Well, if anyone makes something similar to it I’d be happy.

Also, I don’t have the game on PC so porting wouldn’t be possible for me, but I thought porting was impossible, so I’m asking for someone to make models similar to them.

Is anyone interested in doing this? I’d appreciate it a lot, because, well, I kind of need something like this for my map.