Whitelist Compilation Errors

Im using GIT Bash to compile a mod using gmad.exe using

gmad.exe create -folder C:/Users/myname/Desktop/MagicCrowbar -out C:/Users/myname/desktop

BTW, its a swep

Im getting a “Not allowed by whitelist” error.
The error is as follows:

                [Not allowed by whitelist]
File list verification failed

Please help!

Your addon structure has to mimic the garrysmod/ structure.


Read this. It explains everything.

So, if i am correct, then if I made a SWEP the folder has to be designed like this?


And, where would the addon.json file go?

That’s correct.
Addon.json goes in MagicCrowbar/

Thanks so much! It works perfectly! But now in gmpublish.exe it cant load my icon… sigh

EDIT: Fixed the icon error, but please answer /

Also another question: If you have custom sounds, does it have to mimic the garrysmod/ directory as well?

There just has to be a sound folder with the rest of the folders with your sounds in them.

So, for example, would a sound in here work?


Or here?