https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/206956179/IGGY 1080 HIGH DOF.jpg

[4K Version](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/206956179/IGGY 4K HIGH DOF.jpg)



https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/206956179/IGGY 1080 LOW DOF.jpg

[4K version](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/206956179/IGGY 4K LOW DOF.jpg)

Criticism is preferred and appreciated. I had bigger ideas but incredibly limited resources (legit the only decent Imperial Guard/Warhammer thing I’ve got on me) so I kinda worked with it, no big battles at this stage. But yeah, thanks.

i like this

Åmäzing wörk mäte, Imperial Guard/10.

Wow. I love le picture.

I’m surprised that Joazzz didn’t post already.

Where did you get the trench props from? Or is it a map. Regardless, it looks fantastic.

Thanks dude. They’re from Ninja’s RO2/WW2 pack.

I’m so fucking one of your best mate, and very nice posing is well done as well.

Guys seem a bit old and battle hardened for white shields.

Well he is the only Whiteshield there, then again I’m not really in tune with the lore.

love it

Thanks man!

reading between the lines of the Lexicanum article, i’d wager they’re usually around the 16-20 year range

I reckon he looks about that age.

Theoretically a conscript could be any age, it’s just that the most common age range is fresh meat

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nice work btw, I should probably reinstall gmod some time and get in on the IG action myself

It’s good stuff.

I like the second version better; very awesome work!

Probably even younger. A lot of whiteshields tend to come from regiment children (at least from regiments that have the practice). With normal conscripts often not being referred to as such.

I rate this 40k/10.
Emperor approved.

It’d depend on what Army too, I imagine Krieger/Catachan Conscripts n Whiteshields would be the youngest. I know Cadian Whiteshields are all soldiers/conscripts that have yet to see combat, so they’d probably be from 15-17.

I doubt catachan have whiteshields. Remember that the world is incredibly dangerous so even little kids learn quickly. So by the time they’re drawn to the regiment, they’re at least a little bit grizzled. Same goes for most other hostile death worlds.

Cadian whiteshields are something like army cadets or hitler jugend really.

Combat whiteshields really show up in old ancients regiments which have it as a tradition rather than specific world armies.