Who actually linked there Steam account?

So who didn’t and who did?

Personally, i did, since now it actually gives me a reason to not be a prick on GMod.org

Give me abc for giving the poll bad grammar.

I was under the impression you had to.

Who actually linked their Steam account?

And, i didn’t do it yet…i never play GMod anymore.

It is [noparse]****[/noparse]

I’m being a hypocrite, but…

I linked my account. Nothing strange happened, so it’s safe.

it seemed fishy to me. i did it and it did something funky to my name at the top near the logout button. idk just got to be safe with things.

…there is nothing wrong with linking it and you have to to be able to download addons it just means steam has finaly realised that gmod exists

I did it

Everybody’s doing it.

i dont see the big deal in linking it or not their just making sure if you be an ass you get kicked in the ass

Funny, to make it work for me was to log into my account on my browser, go to garrysmod.org, click on the log in to steam account, and press link.

Line two should be:
“Personally, I did since now it actually gives me a reason not to be a prick on gmod.org.”

I haven’t, and won’t be doing it until I can be bothered to find a way to get to the linking page without clicking on a link on a public forum, or someone tells me.
I don’t see the advantage to it at all, what powers to combat spam/flamers/trolls does it actually give the admin team that they didn’t have before?
Is this going to stop pirates? No, they’ll find a way, they always do. Does this inconvenience legitimate players who already went through the “verify you own garrysmod” crap a few months ago? Yes
To be perfectly honest, I haven’t played Garrys mod in a while, and the way things are going right now, don’t really have the time anyway.

What “link on a public forum” are you talking about? The only link to link your Steam and Garrysmod.org account is the one on the garrysmod.org website, and that will take you to a secured, validated Valve owned Steam OpenID webpage.

It stops the pirates from using Garrys’ bandwidth, which is the whole purpose of this exercise in the first place, it won’t stop them from getting addons, it will slow them and make it harder to get them reliably though. It doesn’t really inconvenience you either, or is your time that precious that you feel you shouldn’t have to prove yourself once again?

i kinda have my steam account on one pc and garrysmod login on another

That makes no sense.

You can log in from any Computer. I don’t see how that makes sense, like what she said.

I did.