"Who are you?!"


Sam is in a pickle now

i don’t see any pickles

-_- He is in a bad situation where ghost got the the upper hand

how does a face explain anything

“A bit ironic, eh Fisher?”

“That’s not what irony means-”

“Shut up, the guy with the gun doesn’t need to be smart.”

Very nice posing.

he’ll get out

Are you serious now?

Well he doesn’t seem to be smart enough not to grapple someone who knows more about grappling than anyone.

Are you going to say monkey?

I was hoping somebody would catch that line. One of my favorites.

Posing is great.

I’ll just sit here and wait until you post your next picture, in which Sam kicks everybody’s asses. :colbert:

fisher could kick ghosts ass anyday.

rb + y :colbert: