who bought a rust account from Nanamil? pm me

If anyone bought a Rust account from Nanamil please pm me. thanks.


did he sell u account? he sold it to me too.

who would buy an account from a guy named nanamil…

have u ever got this message http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2prcxut&s=5 ?

this is why you should wait for rust being released and not to buy accounts from random people


Nanamil was the guy who settled with me, tried to kill me, then “reported” me and insulted my mother.

Okay that’s going too far, blow that cunt up.

I bought this account too :confused: and i get that message sometimes and it’s pissing me off… And i don’t have a key yet :confused:

Should have read **[Rust Wiki - Frequently_Asked_Alpha_Questions

http://playrustwiki.com/favicon.ico](http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Alpha_Questions)** beforehand. Don’t buy accounts or keys from anyone!

You love promoting your website don’t you, Ideal-Hosting.

And registering new account for every website he made.

I cant believe you guys. You do something thats strictly prohibited, meaning the account will be banned. It goes sour, then you have the nerve to complain about it? Seriously?

Get a fricken life.

Dont be pissed when you got scammed while doing something against the rules.

Get your keys legitly like the rest of us

Anyways i got my money back.

Edit ; Did not know buying accounts is illegal.