"Who can have done this?" L.A Noire inspired]


had some free time.
so i made this pic for the game L.A Noire

Overly wide camera angle and poor composition (centred main focus, lack of appreciation for rule of thirds, cut-off characters on the right etc).

Cool posing though, apart from the tucked in thumb of the dude making a fist - a fist is made with the thumb on the outside, holding the fingers in. Finger posing on the guy with the camera is awesome.

The shadow on the bed is nice although, considering the lighting direction, there’s no need for the random shadow from the camera on the dude’s face - it implies there’s a light under the bed shining upwards or something. Also, the back of the dude with the knife is shaded… and yet the shadow suggests that the light is coming from that direction.


accidentally deleted the original.
but thanks for the info anyway

I can have done this. But am not sure if I can have done this. Oh God. I’m a monster.

Should be “Who could have done this”

It’s a nice idea. Chesy’s already done his thing so I will just say: It’s obvious fingerprints aren’t a big deal in this crime scene :v:

Also, nice picture.

lol thanks for info man

Nice idea.

the centre of focus is clearly on the 2 guys and the victim, but why do i feel like there is a huge empty area in the left corner?

Suicide? I like the idea, wish someone could make a decent fedora/trilby hat though.

I did. :frown:

Oh yeah, forgot about those my bad.

Good idea, like Ben said. The camera looks too small for the period, though.

good posing

thanks bro

The hat looks a bit too big, or is it just me? Other than that, I love it!

yeah the hat is big… but i couldn’t find a better one :frowning:
well thanks anyway mate :slight_smile: