Who can help me

I whant to add hats , trail , playermodel , special in to my shopmenu .
Who can help me cuz i don’t realy know how to add the trail and hats .

You can change the player models by using:
local mdl = Model( “path/to/playermodel.mdl” ) – it would look like “garrysmod/models/path/to/playermodel.mdl”
ply:SetModel( mdl ) – ply stands for the player object.

For the trails, you can go to the following link:

And then, for the hats, you need to know how to code a basic entity that stays attached to the player; You have to use it on the client side because you have to make the hat visible by the other players, but not by the local player. (yourself)

This is all I can say to help.

I believe he is having issues setting it on a unique id not how to make it

Can’t help without source code to the menu.