Who can I contact to report a hacker that has been on an official server for over a month aimbotting?

The server specifically is US East Coast 1. The hacker I’m referring to is johnny appleseed. He is well known on the server for hacking and has been reported multiple times to steam without any action being taken. I’m sat by and twiddled my thumbs waiting for a VAC ban, but it has gotten to the point that I cannot go to any rad town without getting killed by him. I don’t know where to go to try and have an admin resolve this issue for me and the rest of the server’s population.

wait for VAC to hit him

that’s really all you need to do

you’re a 07er you most of all should understand this

Yes, but I was hoping that there was a slight chance that the people who hve admin rights on the servers might also browse these forums.

FP should hire a group of people just for banning.

Don’t leave the hackers to just CP and VAC alone,but also,with valid proof,hackers can be banned first…

I hope this too mate, 4 monts ago … Buth its REALY REALY hard too kick hackers away from official servers… Its no solution too solve this in year 2014 … No way … Impossible too hard … :frowning: .

Not a thing, you can have people report him day and night, night and day, and nothgin will happen. You have to sit on your hands and wait patiently and hope a vac ban catches them, otherwise we literally have no options other than moving to another server or fighting back in some way. I’m sad to say it’s pretty clear they aren’t concenred with individual hackers, although there are at least 20 or so who have had free reign on the official servers for months, with absolutely no repercussions. I mean come on that GU guy still plays and he’s spammed official server for DAYS ON END!!! and he still hasnt been banned. It’s the wild west out there folks and there is no sheriff.