Who do you think is the easiest to pose?

Who in your opinion is the easiest to pose? I think DOG the vorts and combine police have to be the easiest. What about you?

3 most easyest to pose:
1 G-Man
2 Alyx
3 Gregory

Counter-Strike Ragdolls

No, they’re the hardest and your comic had bad posing.

They are the hardest to pose, Along with those PoA models, Anyone ever try to pose one of them. They will stress you out.


i hate pose counter-strike ragdolls ! they just get fukkt up

i think alyx is easiet :stuck_out_tongue:


police are definately easy to pose. But if oyu wanna get good results, study them. You’ll become like me if you try had.

Hehehe yeah Don’t start with the CS ragdolls They drive you mad!!!

The standard HL2 ragdolls are ALWAYS easier to pose that CS.S ragdolls

^^^ very true

But i’ve figured out a good technique for CS ragdolls: just straighten their lower back, and then lean the upper body forward. it’s the CS ragdolls natural position

the easiest thing to pose is… headcrabs

Hands down…it has to be the hula doll.

This man speaks the truth

I think Barney, also he has hands fit for holding guns better than other

ragdolls… CPs for me…

Otherwise… rollermine, spawn, done…

Trees, got to be trees.

Um, G-man, Police, zombies.