Who do you think the Top10 Mappers are?

Alright, So out of this entire section of mapping, who do you think our the top 10 mappers of this section. Can be anyone from well known to someone who posts every now and than and blows people away with the skill of their maps. This is an open discussion and you guys can discuss through posts just make sure to post who you think is the Top10!

YOU :downs:
Got your answer, you done here?

Me haha… Just kiddin. I dunno, it really depends.
It’s like somebody makes awesome realistic maps, other one makes awesome fiction map.

Oskutin is up there.

EDIT: Along with Llamarr or however you spell it.

Well than choose best over all which includes lighting texturing detail atmosphere and so on.

Or you can make your categories and say like Top5 for each category

Firegod and Bynari are two of my favorites.

In no order at all:

  • Sgt.Sgt
  • JLea
  • Janooba
  • TH3_L33T
  • Llamar
  • Not_yet
  • Phone-Booth
  • Iron-Phoenix
  • Offline
  • Oskutin


I could give millions…

I respectfully disagree

  • Sgt.Sgt
  • JLea
  • Not_yet
  • Oskutin
  • Miigga

Only ones that I can remember truely giving me inpiration to continue mapping and bettering my skills, even though this forum as seen almost nothing from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody remembers Migga.

I don’t see why Sgt.Sgt would be on any top ten mapping list. Also, this is pretty much a nut-riding thread.

Which is odd, his singleplayer maps are great and his mansion contest entry was incredible.

I’d have to say though, JLea, Oskutin, Lamarr, Sgt. Sickness, Miigga, Hazrd24, Hostel, Sfisher, Not_Yet, Highdef, Lord Ned, Void Skull, DeadChicken, Phone-Booth, Hellsten, and a few others whose names escape me.

Though a considerable percentage of his work is bland, he’s good with custom textures, custom models for maps from scratch, and optimization.

Also, though I haven’t seen many of their maps, I’d have to say the most helpful people around are Terrenteller, Metallics, Firegod, and a few listed above.

Yeah, all Sgt.Sgt did was make evocity, not much else and evocity could have been way better than it was.

Lammar and Migga i think are the best.

oskutin is a nice mapper but his maps are mostly settlements on rocks now. the idea has kinda got boring now.

Me :smug:

No, but really… I don’t really have favorites. None have really popped up to me. Not sure why.

Hazrd24 for his amazing gm_apocalypse map.

Hazrd has got some serious talent, Lord Ned has made some beautiful pieces.

Ovi was my favourite especially back in TS but that is probably way before most people posting in this thread :frowning: Chris123 or something is good too.

I can’t really think of ten but I’ve seen some very impressive work from Hellsten, Firegod and Oskutin. Sorry if I misspelled any of your names.