Who do you think will win?

Thought I’d make a poll so people can guess who will win while we judge the gamemodes.

Voted Devenger. His is plain badass.

I really did not like the UFO thing, Possibly because it ain’t first person. Well i don’t know, but i quite liked the idea about the changeling, and Prenumbra.

Voted Changeling though.


Poor Kwigg.

Yea I kinda feel sorry for him :confused:

Kwigg’s GM just seemed a bit…incomplete to me. As an example, the map had no skybox.

Devenger. It needs more features, but it’s really nice so far.

An official map is coming out :S

Everyone did a nice job, i thought devengers was effective.

Official map is out :eng101: You’ll have to check the other threads as I don’t have the download link to post anymore, damn clipboard.

Also there is a skybox on this one, but you probably won’t see it due to my freaky 3D skybox surrounding it.

Voted for Devenger, just because it is epic.

Devenger, i love it

This section is so unloved.

When the next challenge begins, depending on what it is, I may actually compete. I’ve been wanting to compete in one for a while now, but every time I figure out there’s a new challenge, there’s only a few hours left. :saddowns:

I’m also torn between UFO and Penumbra. I’ll vote Penumbra just because more people have voted UFO, though.

Do you want a PM when it starts?

I’m almost done with my survey. I’ll have the results soon.

Yes please.


Have a heart

Needs to be that one notice thing on the top of the FP page like there used to be for this…

That was fun.

I’m working on a gamemode, i wish i was as good as you guys on facepunch.
maybe i’ll try to get in the next one.

Getting close to finishing the survey, grease?

I’ve been curious to see who wins. They’re all pretty good. Though I have to say, even though it’s simple gameplay-wise, it still looks like a boatload of fun to be able to fly around in a UFO and pick things up, fling them around. So Devenger has my vote.