Who else dosn't like bloom?

I can’t stand it and I was wondering if others hate it too. I manly hate it because of very bright maps,I know it’s the map makers fault, not blooms, but I think it just gets in the way

Yeah, some maps just have bloom so high, that you can’t even see the ground. There isn’t supposed to be bloom there anyway. Fucking retarded.

Yeah, I have everything on full, except bloom, it serves no function.

I agree, games such as Mirror’s Edge are very blinding.

It’s called realistic graphics guys.

I like it in TF2, there HDR/Bloom is kinda low.
But in most other games, it’s just stupid and blinding.

Believe it or not, not everybody wants super-realistic graphics.

I don’t suppose you’ve been paying attention to TF2, Battlefield Heroes or Borderlands?

There’s this map, flatgrass_revolution. The bloom is so fucking annoying, I had headaches for a day.

Turn off the bloom :ninja:

Mobenix is god awful without bloom.
It looks stunning with it.

I usually have bloom on but sets darkness to max so it gets even darker than it were before.

bloom just makes things annoying imo, plus it slows my fps to a halt

I only use it on dark maps which look bland.

Just turn High Dynamic Range to none.

Video -> Advanced -> High Dynamic Range -> None

I know that, I’m just asking if I’m the only person who hates it

That’s why I hide in side in the dark and play Gmod, the sun and bloom blinds me, Luckily I live in Seattle.

Mobinex is a great example of a good mapper who knows how to use HDR with out blinding people.
Btw if Counterstrike had bloom (i think it doesn’t) de_dust wouldn’t need flash bangs.

Except for some parts where you can’t even see.

Mirror’s Edge has correct bloom. Overbloom is like in gm_mobenix, the only reason I play other maps more often.

That’s why you don’t set up the bloom too high.

gm_new_worlds cold planet is just white with bloom on. The map also has a trigger to turn it back on :@

Do you mean the Full setting? Because there are only 2 settings.

Another thing, how does the term “High Dynamic Range” have to do with a light source blinding you?