Who else thinks NLR is bullshit?

I think it’s an excuse for people to kill for no reason and get away with it just because nobody was around/saying anything.

I know it’s supposed to be realistic, but it pisses me off when people abuse it.

Good in theory, but of course, in the hands of idiots, in practice, it’s complete shit.

NLR only works if there is absolutely no minging going on.

This topic have been discused a lot of time alredy.
No, NLR isn’t bullshit, is bullshit when mingebags abuse it.

Here’s my definition of NLR.

NLR: An IC rule that applies once someone has died and you forget everything that the person has done and that person forgets everything that he did in his past life.

It’s sort of like reincarnation but in a videogame.

Well How I see it it’s that the rules doesn’t suck but the peoplpe like all of you said BUT if they killed someone randomly then kill themselves then the NLR takes place but now they’ve RDMed so now it’s an OOC reason to punish them.

It seems like assholes are the only ones that do it, though.

I had one guy (admin) keep killing everyone except his friend at spawn over and over until somone managed to get out and kill him, but he went “wtf nlr fag” and banned the guy.

Fuck DarkRP.

it fucking pisses me off because you have to walk around and see them, but not be able to do anything or they scream “OMFG NLR U ASSHOLE!!!” or “RDmER 0MG k1ck DAT kid HES fReAKIN ranDOmly killn!!!”

yeah, I’m not a big fan of the NLR. It’s great in theory, but it requires everyone to play along.
If you hate the NLR you should check out my post about Distant Burning | Xibalba


If someone kills you and claims NLR

Kill them back and claim NLR

New Life Rule is their to stop minging, Even if it is DMing, Maybe it was murder? But it’s still a rule, and Yes, It does get abused sometimes “LOL I KEELED COP NLR NLR NLR” That’s abusing, and that’s when it shouldn’t be followed, I would advise contacting an admin/owner of the server if it happens.

It only stops some minging, and just creates even more problems when it does.

It’s a good rule as long as servers enforce “No DMing” rules well.

Lets say you have a hidden base that’s the HQ for your Mafia group. If a police discovers it, you would kill him right? But, what’s to stop him from coming back over and over with even more police?

On my server i just have NLR dosent apply for RDM.

i get my admins to enforce the rules well too, like not ignoring Minges coz therye not bothering the admins.

Tbh, I was once on a RP server, before it was taken down.

A cop was killed, I said NLR even though I didn’t kill the guy.

The cop’s response was: “Cops have IC suits that helps them remember things”

It was a good server if you take all the bad things.

NLR rules don’t apply if you are a cop, if someone kills you you can arrest them for murdering someone.

new life rule is actully quite good hence no people ever on my server XD

Ya know, wanna stop a DMer? Turn on the fucking death messages, the only scripts that actually are able to STOP DMing are CakeScript, TacoScript, and every script that doesn’t give you the ability to “vote” into every damn job in the game.

NOW THAT, is a retarded prospect. Has anyone even THOUGHT, that you don’t need NLR when you control everything as an admin? Someone DMs, strip their priveleges, and then they run around with nothing, can’t kill, they eventually leave.

Tl;dr, take away the guns and only give them with privileges, and all of a sudden you have a DM-free server.

Not if you are an admin’s friend.

“Hey your the guy that killed me let me kill you with this AWP I pulled out of my ass”

You must be retarded if you disagree with NLR.

Perma-kills are the real bullshit.

If you don’t like it, don’t play on DRP servers. It’s that simple.

Simple solution to this problem. GTA style ‘deaths’. You dont die at all. When your health drops to 0 you wait for a minute, then respawn out side of the hospital. ( if possible on the map).

On the original roleplay server they have paramedics with defibilators and med packs. You are down on the floor for 2 mins and if the paramedic doesnt get to you then you die. I think this is another answer, have the abilitie to be brought back from injury. ( unfortuanately/fortuanately I think this is a private script exclusively on that server)

lol easyest way to get past it is

  1. Set a E2 Above your head with camaras on it.
  2. Stay in a building with camaras
  3. Use epic wiremod skills to barracade yourself anywhere you go.