Who has a server website?

So this morning I’ve been working on a website for my server. Still lots to do but it is up and running. I’m not going to link to it since I’m sure it is against Forum rules.

However, I am posting a screenshot of the front page! Why, becuase I need to know what needs changing/adding and would appreciate some input! Thanks.

Looks good, congratulations, I would like to know what system you used to create it , wordpress , some template …

Greetings .

I used wix. google it. so simple! currently have my domain name forwarding to the wix site. Will upgrade later.

I like the layout, colour scheme and info, but I would try a few plain backgrounds tho, the content is very busy and so is the background if you know what i mean. the trees at the top are alright and create a nice frame, if that image faded to a solid colour just below the leaves maybe.

Im with Kulan, Content and colour scheme looks nice but with it all jammed in there it looks very busy, But everyone has a diffrent outlook on things… i myself am more Less and simple.

Thanks for the info! Will fade to a plain background but keep the tree bits at the top.