Who has some spare time?

I truly apologize if I’m not supposed to ask this kind of question here. Close thread if needed.

Basically I am working on a new game mode, which at present I’m calling Sandbox+. Maps for this game mode will consist of two or more areas. The main one the build area and secondary would be a death match area. Other areas are closed areas, such as areas for VIPs and respected players, in which players earn reputation to gain access. These areas will provide a quite zone to build in peace.

Getting to my question. I am wondering if any of you have some spare to time make an additional map. You of course will get all credit for any work. I am currently working on a map and the code. I would really like to make this into something good, but due to work and family I don’t get the time I used to.

If you are interested in learning more about how this all works, just pm me and I’ll pm you the server IP. Also if you are interested in helping out, pm me.

I would post some screenshot, but I’m at work on my tablet so I don’t have access. Just thought I would see if anyone would like to help out.

That wouldn’t be too hard it’s just what you wish it to look like and how large you want it.

I guess I could do something