"Who has the last laugh now?"


Apparently using the textures and models from the Redmond’s Manor map was quite useful in making my own map for this pose.


Also, those Australium ingots aren’t floating, they are on a glass table.

all yyour titles are horrible D:

good work though, but i do not like the black bars. they should be straight, or they shouldn’t be there at all. :3 Good job!

Well calling the picture “Engineer sitting on a chair laughing” doesn’t sound too interesting, now does it?
Anyways, thanks.

actually the title does make it sound interesting

I was thinking more like
“The last laugh of Evi”

or something like that, I dunno I suck at making titles.

Well, I’m not any better at making titles.
But atleast it encourages more people to get in the thread due to curiosity.

Black bars look weird, if you made them straight across they’d look better. Also the glow on engie’s goggles looks a little weird to me.

But dat map. I’m totally getting it.

I actually like the black bars, and the picture as a whole, nice work.

I plan on making the map a bit brighter, it’s pretty much an unlit room with a corridor leading to it right now.