Who I think should *really* win the Gamespot Greatest Game Hero contest

The hero of Black Mesa was a skillful and worthy opponent, and it cost every ounce of endurance and mettle to take him down.


I’m having trouble telling the Gordon supporters who are legitimately punishing the Nintendo fanboys for their hubris apart from the Gordan supporters who are merely Valve fanboys.

Backslider, defector, deserter, dissenter, heretic, rat, recreant, turncoat and so on.

Do I sound like a fan boy now:)

Blasphemy! It’s Gordon damnit!

Don’t start this again. Last time I made Gordon kick a shit load of Links of a cliff. This time it will get ugly:)

Midget who can jump high vs. Guy with an SMG.
Who wins? :iiam:

Seem some people can’t grasp that others find this little war funny:)

Ps! Still cheering for Gordon though. It’s the crowbar that does it.

Gordon is the All Time Greatest Hero AND Mute guy ;D

Mutes own.

I prefer mario

I prefer them both, so I didn’t vote.

But the nanosuit. The nanosuit!

Isn’t Mario supposed to be mute most of the time too?

P.S. Sorry about “gordan”.