Who is Esco?

Who is Esco?

(User was banned for this post ("shit thread" - Orkel))

Some guy.

My neighboor :wink:

Its a Person.

i mean,why is he a famous hacker or something ?


Google him maybe?

Not worth it

oh now i see…damn it google you fail us again.
just tried doing it my self so…i cant help here much.

When I hear “Esco” I think of Pablo Escobar, the famous drug lord.

Esco is my BF but he did just blow up my house so I think we have to talk

So it’s not worth a google… but it’s worth a whole thread?

People don’t understand simple logic.

My best friend’s friend.

Also my friend, but he doesn’t know me :smiley:

is that an insult to me or him?

You. Good lord, you can’t even use logic to figure out that he was talking about you.

If that is so,why would I google ‘Escrp’,when I know it won’t be the result ?

How would I know he is referring to me or him since he quoted that.At least add a ‘he’


That page hasn’t updated in like 2 months bro because the API was taken down (because of multiserver I guess)

Also: I got a laugh from this thread

Esco is a wee newblet

Esco is the best duper you’ve ever seen.