Who is the best server hosting company?

Hello everyone!

I run a 200-300 population community server, and I am constantly faced with server crashes, lag spikes and DDOS attacks. I’ve changed hosting company 3 times (Host Havoc, SerenityServers and DeinServerHost). The latter is currently the best one, but we experience about 2-3 DDOS attacks per day which means serverwide lag and shutdown constantly.

I am therefore looking for a company that can provide me with the ultimate stability. Can you recommend me one?

Rent from an actual dedicated server host and set everything up yourself. There are practically no game server providers that offer serious protection because that costs money, and anyone looking for a gsp wants it cheap.

As to which hosting company you go with? That depends on where you want it geographically.

its me, i am the best hoster just pm me

First you should tell where the server has to be located. In germany for example, I can recommend g-portal.com or myloc.de - got the lowest latencies there. plusserver.com also is great, but very expensive. I’ve got a dedicated server at myloc since new years eve and never had crashes, spikes or any kind of attack. But that’s probably due to the attention your server’s got. :slight_smile:


Hands down, the best. They even have amazing DDoS protection. ddos attacks get null routed in seconds.

Yes, really bad DDoS attacks will get you null routed for 8 hours with NFO, but is otherwise an exceptional host for the 2 months we’ve had it (200-250 pop modded server). We’ve been null routed 3 times, and the CEO was able to get 1 of them removed, but not the last one.

I’ve heard OVH.com is good also.