Who is this guy in red?

I just have a question that ive been wondering…who is this guy?

Ive always wondered all these years playing hl2 so when I was in gmod I thought I make a post about it.

I don’t think its meant to represent a real person, it looks like an artistic representation of the combine suppression field to me

The eyes and nose remind me of G-Man, am I the only one?

Yes, you are the only one.

Looks kinda like Merasmus.

Everyone seems to disagree with you.
But i’m with you, i do see it.

Although i don’t think it’s suppost to be him, just a coincidence.

just spent about about 30 min looking for anything that might look similar, found nothing except that the yellowish poster is from a move “1924 American film The Guilty One”

As for the guy in the red,., might help if i knew the cyrillic alphabet (seeing as almost everything on hl2 is in russian XD)

Yeah I just thought he might be like a combine preist or something but who knows.