Who is who?

Do we know if there are going to be ways of differentiating people in the game? for example last night I was being chased by a gang of 10 black guys who all looked the same (fully aware of how it sounds, and not once did I think of re-wording it)

And another time when I was with my mate, another person popped up out of nowhere and started shooting, I could only seen his name if I went about 3 feet from him.
Maybe coloured dyes for the clothing, or some sort of customization would be pretty helpfull in my opinion.

I kinda like it as it is. If they introduced character customization they could even remove the nameplate altogether as it is in dayz. I never needed a “HELLO MY NAME IS” sticker to id my friends IRL.

I don’t really mean a floating tag or anything like that which would make any sort of stealth impossible, but right now everyone wearing Kevlar looks exactly the same, more options on the clothing, facial masks or just some thing so that everyone doesn’t look exactly the same.
Nothing worse than capping your mate instead of the other guy, because they both look like robbers from Home Alone

Maybe add feature to mark players as enemys and friends. For example enemy will have red tag name, friends - green. Or something else.

Totally agree on heavy customization regarding clothing, and perhaps physical appearance.
This would help separating friend from foe, while also leaving some really cool space for infiltrating non-expecting enemies… :slight_smile: