Who made this game?

So this game is pretty fun, I’ve been like playing it and stuff for a bit but I’m interested in the creator. Who made it?


From Facepunch’s commits page:

You can obviously see that Rubat is the main creator of the game

wow this is an epic funny, I almost laughed!

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I thinks some skid made it

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says u kiddo

tom I’m sorry but your banned from sbox

ima be the first suicide of the new fp forums then

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The game was created by Harry Numan of Headslap. This is basically common knowledge by now.

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I think this game is a rip off of JBMod honestly. Alex Gembe’s half-life 2 mod was way better.

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jbmod will always be better


I dont think “garrysmod” will get a huge playerbase or support

just another “i wannabe sandbox” game with almost no features

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good joke didn’t laugh

Yeah so true!

namweN yarrG

His name is Harry or something

Someone made this game, surely not an AI but who? Well that will stay secret forever now, you have spooked Harry or Garry or whatever his name is by this thread. Unless? :eyes:

Based on the true story.

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harry. harry’s mod

wait… we cant rate boxes anymore?