Who needs sex appeal...


I love Planet Terror.

Heres an undamaged version.



gun limbs.

Should have replaced the head too. That would have helped, given that face.

Huuge lips.

“What’s wrong with your faaaaace!?”

How in the fuck does she use the lavatory?

Where’s the rocket launcher?

Look at that guns! They don’t have mag!!!

Well the firearms you see in the pose are 2 SMGs, a shotgun, and a barely visible assault rifle. And for that “assualt rifle” you see on her right arm, it’s the AR-57, which is an AR-15 or M16 upper receiver converted to fire 5.7 rounds from a P90 magazine.

Interesting, she appears to be firing absolutely nothing from that AR-57. Ya know, considering it’s empty.

Jesus her lips

The magazine is on the top.

Apparently there is still sex appeal, as there is jizz all over the screen.

here to save the day with a fix


Wheres El Wray?

guys, it’s only me, or



if it’s on top, why is there a slot for a magazine?

That slot is for STANAG magazines.

Because you don’t rip off a major part of the gun when you modify it?