Who Recruited Him?




[sp]He’s riding a dragon. (Paokai)[/sp]

“imma muh’fukin dragon ridah”

orders dragon to nom on f16

Nice editing.

What happened to the descriptive titles rule?

I thought it would suffice for the picture. I could be wrong. :frown:

i seriously lold at the original

Nice, where’ve you been man?

Descriptive titles tend to ruin the epicness of the picture. I mean, if he were to say, “Man riding a dragon in the sky next to a F-16 fighter,” then it’s extremely boring.

You should have shown more of the dragon. Apart from that, very good.

I know. I wasn’t defending the rule, I just noticed that recently people had been getting away with it.

Thanks for the comments. :smile: I try to be original.

Champions Online.