who remembers when...

Your doors would just float away? Haha

Who remembers when there was only one kind of skin and you couldn’t tell the difference from a naked and a Kevlar :slight_smile:

who remembers when the rocket launcher wasnt even released? (players in 2 years will see this post and will be like "whaaat no rocket launcher? no way!!)

Who remembers when there was a “take all” option when looting bags and crates? Damn i miss that one lol

Who remembers when the inventory was about 16 slots bigger and you could scroll down in your inventory


Meh, takes all the adrenaline rush while looting a dead guy with people around.

Only thing I remember is how shit it was, back when it was just a browser thing and before the thing went to shit because it went viral.

I remember that I couldn’t play for like two weeks because of DDoS attacks when I bought this game.
And everybody wanted to block whole france from the game. :downs:

Who remembers when the browser based alpha version was out and it was shit but because we played it we got the game for free

Lucky my account was marked inactive and was deleted.

Metal door blueprints… Miss knocking down wood doors for a gamble…

who remembers when there was only one server those were good times

who remembers when you would hit stones/wood and blood would come out

Who remembers when there were dinosaurs instead of red animals… those were the days :pwn:

who remembers when this game actually got updated?

I do. Yesterday, possibly today.

Who remembers when only wood doors were in the game ?

Who remembers zombies? Heh, those were the days.

“Grr, argh!”

Who remembers driving around in Rustees cars dragging around buddies while farming for wood. for the fun of it.