Who still plays GMod(who got the game pre-2006))?

I thought it would be interesting to see how many people still play GMod even after 4-6 years.

I have been playing since GMod 7, and still play today.

So who else still plays GMod, who got GMod 10 near release or pre-GMod 10 days?

Got mine a few months after GMod 10 release. Wanted it earlier, never got around to buying it.

I’ve seen my friend play Gmod 9, then we both bought 10.

I’ve only been playing since Gmod 8

Started playing Gmod9 back in '05. Bought the new one a day after the release.

Started with GM8 because I didn’t own CS:S, got 10 after a while.
Still play today, but mainly for coding.

Been playing since 7, and still love it.

Since the beginning of 9.

got v5 from gamespot on a whim

still play it

Playing since V7


Depending how you define “play,” I still play gmod, in that I develop things for it and play around with these things with friends.

Started with V6 here, got gm10 the day it released.

When Garry released it during the peak of JBmod.

Damn, nostalgia.

I’ve been playing since GMod 6, I believe.

I started playing at about V4 or V5, before the spawn menu was first added.

I started around gmod 8, and still play it on rare occations.

I started in 06 and I still play from time to time. Fretta has gave it a bit of fresh air.

I’ve been playing since version 5

Which version was out in August 2005? Because that’s when i got it.

I think V9.