"Who the fuck are you?!" Pilot yells at ghost.

Invisible ghost, sort of.


Well, i’m pretty happy how it turned out.


long image is long.

Nice edit and idea… not much more to say apart from Well Fucking Done.

Awesome job. Perhaps the exhaust flame on the rocker and fighter could have been a bit longer and more intense. Nevertheless. This is freaking nice. Have wood.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

As I stated, the smoke ends to abruptly.

Where did you state this?


Nice sparky effect.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I don’t like the afterburner


it should look a little like this

I like my one more :smiley:

The sparks look pretty nice. What back slash said also.

Looks really cool but there is a random brown mark on the top of the missile.

Nice! I like your afterburner even if it isn’t realistic.

It’s quite good but the effects aren’t realistic. Missile smoke-trail should be white, and I’d be pretty damn worried if my afterburner had sparks coming out of it. There’s also some random orange/brown streaks in the sky that I don’t understand. Did you paste the pilot in?

orange/brown streaks? What?

Yes, i pasted the pilot in. Didn’t bothered with the pilot much, just copy paste.


Well, changed it.


I dont understand the strips that look like tape on top of the picture.

V1 looks better on the smoke trail.