who thinks Gmod is getting old really fast

hello guys i have been playing Garry’s mod for about 2 years now and it basically dosent have any thing new to it.

you can say to it oh theres a new role play Server thats Great But there basically all the same some may be different and have a better HUD and UI(user interface) but they all go to the same path and that is that a clan of minges come and ruin the fun after say a week of mayhem they all get banned and the admins are minges scared so the rp is not fun any more.

GMT (gmod tower) is fun but really dosent have much you can have a room buy some clothes and play some mini games but its not really that great yes its fun for those first couple of weeks but its usely the same thing and there are heaps of admin abusers.

now me saying all that stuff leads to this 90% of the game modes are just a better version of some thing some one else made and things like sassilizaton has A HUGE LACK OF UPDATES.

so i ask why you think Garry’s mod is dieing ?
or why you think that it will never die


I would say personally i think it is slightly getting old. But i still love it because it’s a game you can play forever! Think of most games, once you do the missions you stop playing and maybe bring it out after a year or so to replay it. Gmod has constantly updated addons giving the game a new twist every day

Pretty much this, I usually play the game in short bursts every so many months, and whenever I come back to Garry’s Mod, there’s always a ton of new content that keeps me entertained.

i agree with what you said but now days you look in the server list and the amount of server havent changed but the amount of people have theres only really 5-8 servers that are full 24/7 but they usely have minges

I really am sick of the amount of servers wasted every year on retards. So many people just buy BECAUSE THEY CAN! then they think to themselves… Whats lua. Pathetic!

I miss the god 'ol days when people where creative. I miss the beast build servers.

When there’d be tie fighters made from wooden pallets, and oil drums flying from catapults as far as the eye could see…

Stop playing DarkRP. At least stop playing the stereotypical servers.

A lot of good mods and gamemodes have been killed by past updates, i think it’s the biggest problem.
You can’t expect a mod maker to support his mod and fix it everytime a gmod update breaks it, which means we eventually lose a lot of good gamemode.

Since only a small number of lua scripters have the knowhow to maintain such mods. we are left with only a handful of them working properly.

Very. Very true

Become a coder, it’ll never get old.

Maybe when im older the most i can do in lua is just change the models around or create better menu’s for addons in the qmenu if i hate the menu.

Lua is really the easiest language you can learn. If you understand maths, you can understand Lua.


No, I’d have to say Turing is the easiest language ever. But still, yeah, lua is easy.

Hell no, GMod is always fun.

2 years is not even close to “really fast”

Gmod is by far the only game I have gone back to constantly and I am constantly entertained by it. Gmod had the biggest bang for its buck (except for portal, but your dividing by zero when you try to calculate it).

Gmod is one of the best games ever, its the gaming community on servers that ruins the experience for me.


Lol joking, but seriously theres way too many, way too similar to eachother and way too immature.