"Who told you that you can kill me?"

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Damn that’s awesome, i would’ve lowered the blur just a bit in the center tho.

These just keep getting better and better.


Holy moly, this is excellent!
Love the HUD too and everything :slight_smile:

The posing of the hands makes it look like a copy of that alien pic you did earlier, you should have added a gun in his hand especially since I’m assuming he’s a soldier.

this is, so great. man, you just have the magic touch.

Thanks for good comments!

Could I see an original? And maybe ask how you go about making these?

Here original

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Sorry, my english is weak, i don’t understand :downs:

That’s neat.

What I meant is, what is your process?

Or I’m going out on a limb here, but Каков ваш процесс редактирования ?

now that’s one ugly motherfucker

Ohh. I edit poster about 4-5 hours, i can’t describe all process to you, sorry :slight_smile:

No problem, I figured it was a complex thing to do. Thanks anyway!