Who Uses PlayrustHQ.com?

I am a donor. I donate to everything, and pay for trialware before I even try it, Etc. I am appreciative of the work people put into things they love.

This brings me to PlayrustHQ, where we all generate maps for our servers, and for the servers we play on. I, of course, donated due to the fact that I use it to generate seeds for my servers, and the servers I play on. The time the gentleman has put into the coding of the site and the map generator must be pretty extensive, and it is a valuable service. I received a reply the day after my donation:

If you use this service, please consider buying the guy a beer, just donate whatever you can, whether it is $1 or $10 (your currency). Folks like Matt at PlayrustHQ, Bugs at Rustafied, the author of Rusty (Windows RCON), the author of Rusty Sheriff (Android RCON) on the Play Store, and others that I cannot remember, they deserve our donations since they greatly enhance the Rust experience. I feel we should reward positive influence to the game we love.

Well said!

Just stumbled upon this. I know it’s old but I think it is important to note that their map generator basically is a decompiled and all credit removed version of the one I made: Rust:IO. Please don’t support that :confused:

This thread was dead and buried before you dug it up and gave your alleged copythieves more visibility just fyi.

Just FYI, there’s no way for him to get his message across about not supporting ‘copythieves’ without actually calling out those who are the ‘copythieves’. People in this forum were already well aware of PlayRustHQ before this thread was bumped.

That’s why nobody has posted about the site AT ALL here since March, right? Nobody has said a word about playrusthq in five months. Posting a thread about his own site and mentioning that his code was ripped off might’ve been more productive, but Streisanding is going to happen anyway.

lol, Just because people don’t post about a site doesn’t mean they don’t know about it. I had PlayRustHQ open in another tab in my browser and I hadn’t made a post about it until just now, and I certainly I wouldn’t have known PlayRustHQ was ripping off this guys work if he hadn’t mentioned it here. Not sure why you’re trying to knock him for it, but whatever.

Sorry, wasn’t my intention to offend anyone, nor to illegitimately promote my stuff. Stumbling upon that donation story just made me a bit sad as nobody seems to know. Removed the link for what it’s worth.

Just FYI, I’m not a mod, and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with linking to your own work. In fact, considering the issue is that your work was allegedly stolen, linking to your own stuff kind of counts for supporting your claims. I don’t think you were intending to offend anyone, and I wasn’t trying to suggest that you were.

My point is that bumping this old thread gave the alleged thieves visibility, because the thread OP is “Hey, these guys are great, consider donating to them” and then only if you read further you see “hey these guys took credit for my code”. It isn’t as if this thread was the most popular thread of the week in the Rust subforum.

What’d probably be more productive is to make a thread for Rust:IO (or, if you already made a thread in the past, bump that one) and mention that prHQ is using a stolen version of your code as a minor note in the thread. Promote your own stuff instead of the competition and all that. :smile:

Matt / PRHQ owner checking in. I think it’s important to state a couple of things:

It’s not a secret that PRHQ uses the RustIO plugin to generate map images - full credits and a walk through were given on how to even set it up on the previous incarnation of the website. The website was updated in June (I think) with a new design which remains incomplete to this day. I’ve actually had little to do with the website since then.

The back end of PRHQ uses a cached version of the RustIO plugin - this is functionality the author himself added which we use to speed up the process. If you didn’t know (or perhaps don’t remember), if the plugin looks for a RustIO.dll file in the Managed folder before proceeding to download / update. We took this cached method because the update method inside the plugin often failed and we didn’t want our backend hitting his web server tens of times a second - we thought this was a nice and polite thing to do. As of right now, it’s using a cached version from sometime in July - the map generation code hasn’t changed since then so no update has been needed.

Last month, the author emailed in stating we were claiming ownership of the maps generated and financially gaining from his plugin. I was a little bewildered by this because PRHQ was created in January with full knowledge of the plugin author because I remember posting many times in his Oxide thread - nothing has actually changed on our end since then, and I’ve not had anything to do with Rust for at least 4 months now - and featured many times in community updates.

Looking further into this, in August, the author added a watermark to map images generated from the plugin and added some kind of license agreements where by it states that images generated from the plugin can’t be used for financial game. This is completely fair - however, you can’t add an license agreement to something which has been in the public domain for 7 months prior. Obviously, if we’re using a cached version of the plugin, it’s not going to have this code in there. I believe this is where the confusion comes from.

His email was ignored on the basis that the author was yet again trying to control what other services do - there’s been a history of this with him. Previous versions of his extension provided APIs which we and other services used. It was stated these were going to be added back in upcoming versions but still have yet to be added even though many have asked for them back - in fact, these APIs are already in there, but he restricts them so only his website can request them. Of course, the author is free to do as he pleases. This hasn’t mattered to us, but I feel was worth mentioning.

On a final note regarding the email sent in, the author requested that we redirect all users from our map gallery to his. The author never had any kind of map generation or gallery facility (outside of automated ones generated through server scraping, as we do) up until a few weeks ago. From what I assume, the author probably believes we’re receiving hundreds of donations a month and generating an equal amount from ad revenue - when the truth is the network of PRHQ (let’s not forget that it was once the most popular public server, only to be let down by my lack of enthusiasm for Rust over the past months) received somewhere in the region of $200 in donations in total and only tens of dollars a month in ad revenue which most comes from our server listings. Given the monthly fees exceed $400, it’s safe to say that there’s been no profit since it first came up in January.

Now we’re at a point where the author is resorting to defamation publicly on the Oxide forums and now here. No-one has stolen any code, modified any code or similar. Given the shady nature of the author and his childish tactics, I won’t be engaging in a conversation or debate any further than this - a public forum isn’t the place for petty vendettas. Any further queries, direct them to my email (contact details on the website).

Great, so you are not just ripping me off but now also insulting me. I assume everyone here is smart enough to see what you tried there typing “a public forum isn’t the place…” after your words have already fallen into place.

Fact is that there is not a single reference today. Though, you should rather stop stealing others stuff entirely.

How would you call that if someone took your work, puts a couple of ads next to it, and then there is no credit, no nothing? The OP btw. is the perfect example that you are misleading people.

That’s what I thought, but: Just recently, when I added that watermark, I changed the road colors from a color per biome to a general one. Guess what? One day after, your maps generated with that exact color, but without the watermark. Hence, this must have been removed by editing the decompiled code. I know you rolled that back meanwhile, probably because I mentioned it on Oxide a while ago. All that’s important is “that”, not “how”, though.

Actually I never put it in the public domain and I never gave you any sort of permission. That also makes the entire blabla reasoning you provided bullshit.

Given the monthly fees exceed $400 you are either a fool for paying that much or simply lying. Doesn’t matter anyhow, commercial use remains commercial use.

At least I have something to refer to now. Got the mail, didn’t stop. Considered delivered.

You just admitted you are using his work or parts of his work wich you then use to get donations for your site… Wich is pretty sad imo.

The Facepunch forums might not be the best place to fight this out though.