Who wants a dedicated machine?

**Windows Server 2012 (it’s not bad)
Xeon E3-1270v2 3.5ghz up to 3.9 TurboBoost 8mb L3
8gb ECC 1333mhz RAM
1000mbit uplink
250gb RE3 7200RPM
128gb Samsung 840 SSD
Hosted at Limestone

Community’s box was wiped over a dispute, I lost all my shit and my community’s shit (which was largely my code, but also had a large amount of the other party’s code too). It’s being hosted by the other party. I’m ass-chapped. I’m dumb for only having on-site backups, didn’t expect the person to wipe the machine. This machine was meant to serve as a side project for us, probably not happening now so here it is.

Prove to me that you can make good constant use of it, and it’s yours. If you profit from it then a little chunk of it would be appreciated <3. Otherwise it’s whatever.

We’d use it for an extra TCAdmin node and fill it with a fair few servers.

(This could probably get you a bit of profit too)

I’m currently working with a friend on a gamemode, a dedicated server would be nice although we’re based in Australia so we’d get a laggy connection, still would be cool to let randoms play our game.

I’m just waiting for someone to come up with. Hey I’m starting a DarkRP community…

Sad to hear what occurred to D3vine.

I wouldn’t mind having it to expand my own community (website is a placeholder). I’m quite an avid developer too (coding, texturing, mapping) and so It’d really help me work on my current project which requires multiple servers (I can explain why it requires multiple servers if you wish).

Wow, this is quite an offer, KingofBeast. I’m very interested in this for my community (http://www.artificegaming.com). Currently we have a Sandbox server and a TTT server. Hoping to expand to RP soon. I have huge (ambitious) plans for AGN and this could really help boost things to a new level.

Thanks for listening.

If possible, I’d like to ask use for it for my community. (http://worlddominance.org/forums/forum.php) as we’re an old community (2008) that was also hit pretty hard over a dispute. A higher member of wD was hosting our box but stole it in later 2012 because he felt like he was getting the hard-end of the stick (if he voiced his opinion, I’m sure we could’ve resolved whatever he felt like was unfair), and threatened to sue the owner if he didnt give up the domain. (Out of panic, he did)

So wdgaming.net is a stolen website, clan, and box, and the original members of wD remain @ http://worlddominance.org/

We’ve been here for a long time and we still plan to continue, and we were just about to buy a VPS for our community, but this sounds like something our community would really need, and would help bring it back to it’s glory, as we’re a friendly community. not herpderp 14 year old starting new community!!!

as money isnt a major issue on our end (we’re not going to go down because we cant pay for our website or something like that), it’s simply that we have no servers/box except for the few elpishost is kind enough to set up for us, and buying a whole box is out of our grasp.

Who is we?

No sweat, I can code. I’ll make something better than we had before.

I like the site. And, please do explain. In PM if you need.

Your site is a little barren, hardly any members :frowning:

You’re making a good start at convincing me <3

I feel like a star on The Bachelor

Bb You haven’t seen me inrl yet~

Our group has decided to even change our clan name due to wD now being destroyed by them.

The box will be used and not left to dust. I’m rather sure the clan would hand you some cash in gratitude, (I’d even do it myself)

My community’s Australian so I’d feel a bit greedy applying.
I’d just like to say this is really generous of you and I’m sorry to hear what happened.

how long is it paid for?

We - The hosting company
which I currently help run.

Kaaos-gaming.com (Site is getting redone due to idiots with no grammar)

I want a machine dedicated to my service maybe it could have a few arms, just 4 or 5, with either legs or wheels. Honestly I don’t really want to take the machine off road so wheels would be fun, I could install a n electric dumbwaiter for it. I guess ultimately if it’s going to fetch me food and drink from downstairs, as well as cook for me, the very least I could do is install a dumbwaiter.
While we are on the services department I guess we could fit it to assist with other tasks that are needed for a healthy frame of mind, maybe give it some form of suction?

Anyway my dream of a free machine aside. W2012 is suprisingly a nice step for windows, linux beats windows for gmod server performance hands down though.
W2012 is a great addition over 2008 R2 yet I’ll never understand the need to put a giant touch screen GUI on a fucking server OS! rage.

The first time I used W2012 I swear I spent about 10 minutes trying to restart the fucking thing.

Hey, King. You already know me a bit, but I’ll explain my situation. You may remember that in late 2012 I started up that little project called “TheD3vine Unoffical TTT” which was originally meant for D3 players. You gave it the veto which is fair enough, and I understand why you did. Well anyways, that project eventually evolved into a separate TTT server called ZND Gaming. We grew over time, and attracted a community of great players and regulars. We kept running for about 6 months until there was a payment issue with Xenon and I decided to move us over to NFO. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to properly warn players about the change and so many of those who didn’t participate actively on the website weren’t aware of the switch and playercount began to dip downhill until I made the decision to close down the server for a bit and decide on a next move.

About a month later we relaunched under a different name (LSU Gaming) with new staff and a fresh start on the server files. I’m currently the main developer for this server and we have a fairly active community and are still growing. Because the old server was getting fairly costly to run we’ve decided to cut costs this time by not hosting a Minecraft server, and using a free webhost at least for the time being. With this box, I think we would be able to expand our server offerings and put it to very good use in our community as it would allow us to bring back Minecraft and host a webserver so we can get a proper forums and site set up for the community again, and possible a TS3 server. We’ve also tossed around the idea of TF2, and CS:GO/Strike servers that we could host in the future and I think having access to a dedicated machine like this would be extremely beneficial to our community and allow us more flexibility as we pick up more and more players. It would also provide a very convenient way for me to continue developing for the server and not have to rely on FTP as the main method of adding and editing files currently on the server.

Here are a couple of links for you to check out about our community.

http://lsugaming.webs.com/ -Current website. Yes, I know it sucks, but a better one with MyBB is in progress.
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZNDGaming - Old steamgroup for when the server was ZND
http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ -Server tracker for the current server.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions I’m still on your Steam, I believe.

I run a roleplay community (nope not DarkRP, it’s a decent sized “family style” Clockwork-based community). We could use the host since we’re running sliiightly low on funds, we have two servers at the moment, a Mass Effect RP and a Halo RP (mainly specializing in [hopefully] unique space-based RPs, not SSTRP). It’d be nice to be running both servers and possibly a small TeamSpeak server on there. That way, we can charge less for donator features (no, I don’t do donate for admin, only donate for aesthetic purposes). We’d definitely be using both servers quite a bit (either half full or full at peak hours). Quick question though–How long is it paid for?

Also, community link is lunarnatureroleplay.com if you want to check it out before you do anything.

I run DarkRP and I believe I am quite qualified to have this BEAST of a dedicated machine. You will receive a 3/69th profit from the proceeds resulting from donations. Players donate by either purchasing a moderator or admin abilities but first have to go through a vigorous progress before being accept Currently we have quite an array of customized Addons implemented from their respective owners ranging from the workshop to gmod.orgschool.

Eventually we’ll branch out into other servers and game does such as PERP or PistachioRP (My favorite food and RP gamemode!)

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to message me!?

I’m the one that is giving free servers away from Precise Servers. If you want we can take it off your hands and you can decide if we use it for our clients or give away more free game servers. If we put it as one of our TCAdmin Remotes for our clients - we will give you 10% of all profits made (if you like).

Just pm me if you’re interested.

For those asking, the box is paid for indefinitely by me. I don’t care to pay for it, it’s discounted for me.

With that in mind we can go much over 10%. Just pm me.