Who wants a dedicated machine?

At this point in time our community isn’t really concerned with turning a profit so much as just getting all the bills paid. So if that stress was taken away, I’d probably send you nearly all the profits and just keep a bit for misc expenses. If you want to chat about any of this just hit me up on steam or send me a PM here.

i could do with a server to test maps for my mod, i use redead to test the gameplay of my maps but i would also host it as a regular redead server too (there are like 0 redead servers despite it being a really good gamemode), i’ve been looking for something like this for a while

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there have been a lot of posts but most of them are “we’d use it to expand our community”. i’d use it to give a unaltered version of redead which we are really lacking in (i can’t seem to find a single stable server and i check every time i play gmod) and redead is a classic gamemode that has faded in and out of popularity for the past few years. i played it a long time ago when i first got in to gmod and i spent a long time (like years) trying to find a redead server that would actually last.

now that it’s remade for gmod 13, i’d quite like to host a redead server. it’d be a first in actually running and managing a gmod server for me, it’s something we don’t have enough of, i’d be able to test the gameplay of my maps on it (while still using other rd maps too) and it would help my source mod a lot (3~ years in development) because i can figure out how maps play and what aspects are enjoyable (and maybe get some publicity too which we desperately need).

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i joined the server with players. the nav mesh was broken (despite it being an official map that i’ve played a load of times with a working mesh) and when i told them how to fix it they permabanned me.

It’s nice to see that people still are nice to one another. To KingOfBeast: Thank you sincerely for providing something for the community.

To everyone else: If you get it, I wish you the best of luck with your communities <3

It would be greatly appreciated to use your box. I recently bought a TCAdmin Yearly License for hosting, and the host I had my last box with had awful service, so I got a refund from him, and I am left without a box, and 11 more months on this license.

I would gladly give you most of the profit, because I think you have earned it if you are actually giving this out.

If I was to get this box, I would be able to continue doing hosting, which I really like doing with my spare time, and we may be friends in the end :slight_smile:

If you can message me on steam, that would be awesome :slight_smile:
My steam

Thank you,

Did you ever choose anyone? My offer is still available.

I have a clan with servers, gmod server, what always have players,

I am online everyday, and this would help me out to grow my community, i do have good skills with setting things up like this, i can do some coding etc.

We also make plenty of profit from these servers.

And also can purchase a TCadmin license, no problem.

I can also send you a share, each now and again.

My steam name: ‘Rz’ Ozar
or PM on facepunch.com

Thank you.

If possible I would like to take a stab at this. I recently created a community a few months ago called “HazardGaming”. We are currently not even close to be huge yet but possibly around low-medium sized community? Anyway I am looking for a dedicated server to possibly run my TTT server. I currently use NFOserver for the rented server and sometimes it lags a lot. When I start hitting 30+ people or more it starts lagging like crazy.

Obviously I need some proof to show how my community is going.
That is currently the home page to my community. I understand there is much more to be done before it is “perfected”. Anyway through my forums you can see everything about my community even the servers I hosts. I won’t lie that TTT start falling down a bit due to the recent hacking issues that forced me to shut down my server for a while. DarkRP and PeopHunt were both recently started due I the donations I was receiving from just TTT alone.

We aren’t really a professional community yet but we are still learning as we day pass by. I understand the difficulties of running a dedicated server like getting DDoS or getting hacked. The coder of my community and myself will do the best we can with the situation we have on our hands. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you keep this in your thoughts. Even if I don’t get picked I will do my best to keep my community running.

P.S There might be some grammar issues due to writing this at night on my phone.

@angelbill5914, your lag is in every likelyhood a code issue. NFO has great service and I’m unsure a switch to Limestone’s datacenter will benefit you that much under those circumstances.

As for the rest of you, I still haven’t decided yet. It’d be cool to have some really neat projects going down on it. Tower style

If it’s worth anything, I’m also working on an administrative system (it’s independent and not tied to the gamemode I am working on) aimed to be effecient and extremely fail-proof for larger server-chains which I might release some day. It’s been my main project for the better part of 3 thirds of a year now and I’d like to say it has matured a lot as I’ve given it a lot of thought and it’s currently on its 5th iteration (4th complete rewrite).

Here, for example is the group-editor section of the menu (unfinished):


I host that KNFE ReDead server. We stopped working with it because Nuke stopped working on it, and the gamemode was really just a mess. (Random frame drops, poor UI)

Definitely sounds like a code issue or you just aren’t using the right settings for your server.

Projects? Well depending on what you mean by “project” my friends and I have a lot to think about. DarkRP itself by default is a somewhat… derpy thing, it’s cops vs robbers basically and it stems a lot of rdm. So my friends and I might rewrite DRP to our own content. We already have a side-project to rewrite TTT started (TTT is exploitable we’ve found through testing) and we have our own admin mod already to screw around with. It’s fun stuff, and with mysql we should be able to hook it up with our own website maybe.

We just code things for fun and people like em’. There is tons of ideas to use and go by. I personally find fortwars (darkland esque) my favorite gamemode, but it’s not the most attractable anymore. I could always rework that also since I have a 2011 copy.

My clan would be very happy! We’re not new and we’re very experienced with clan stuffs of course. The drama that caused us to split makes us emphasize your situation in d3vine.

Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t notice I had a typo in there. I actually meant around 40 people the server starts to lag. That was why I decreased the slots from 40 to 32 in the last month or 2. It seems like NFOserver didn’t had high expectations for GMOD servers going up to 40 slots since it’s to crowded. For example look at UrbanGamers, they have slots going up to 50 without lagging much. If it is indeed a coding issue I will try to find it myself.

If your still looking, other than hosting, I also have a team of highly skilled programmers/coders and we could utilize this for our gamemodes we have made privately and also it would be a big prize to us to use this to host our content and such, due to me not having much of an income because of medical bills.

No you don’t. You rely primarily from coderhire and chargebacking the poor developers such as myself :v:

Sad to hear what happened to D3 King, after all the effort that was put in, would like to add you and talk about it sometime.

-snip, sorted-

I saw that Phoenix, I didn’t realize :frowning: I took it out of the zip, though.

Add me on Steam, bruh.

I guess something I could do with the box is split it into 3 VPS nodes with dual cores each and share the solid state and give that to three people <3

Still aviable? I need a server to host my Black Mesa Roleplay gamemode on (No its NOT DarkRP)

The real question is… who doesn’t want a gameserver? >:)


We aren’t huge, but we usually have a full server. (Nobody on atm, had it down for development earlier.)
We have Minecraft, TTT, and hopefully other gamemodes to come in the future.

Sorry guys, the machine went to Phoenixf129!