Who wants a free bf3 premium key?

Yup im giving away the battlefield 3 premium addon. Why you ask, just because i feel like it I also would love a rust key…
Sooo Pm me if you want the key! And please post a screenshot that it works!

(User was banned for this post ("Key trading" - SteveUK))

send me

Enable PM’s

This isn’t free

  • snip -

Not relevant anymore.

Cartman300 got it, because he knows how to turn on pm’s, plz post a screenshot how you redeemed it

How is this related to rust? Why not go to fast threads?

I know why, you are here to beg and only care about rust keys. Jesus christ.

It is rust related, i wrote the word rust there

It’s not rust related. Rust isn’t related to free bf3 premium things or whatever.

You are here just to beg for a key.

I’m not begging, I only mentioned that i would love a key, thats it…

Uh, why? If it works, it works.

IDK, just as proof that it works

Omg i love you dude.


Then why post it in the rust section? There’s literally no need as its not related to rust in any way.

Just admit it, you want a key so you posted here hoping your “niceness” will get you a key. It’s not really that nice when your only reason for doing it is for a chance at getting a key for free.

If you didn’t want a key, you wouldn’t have done this giveaway now, would you?

I love you too :smiley:

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I accidentaly bought a second key… So i gave it away and this forum was in my tab

You mean to tell me that in a digital store with multi-step purchasing that tells you in 5 different ways what you’re buying, how many of them, how much for each, and how much total… you “accidentally” bought a second key?

Did you look at the monitor at all during that transaction or were you too busy watching the door in case your parents found you?

im 19, and i live on my one, the problem was that i missclicked and did not notice that

I’m a dumbass.

Anyway, bought BF3.