Who wants private servers removed?

The game had died down a lot ever since Private servers were added. It just isn’t the same game anymore and i’m sure a lot of you would agree with me. The game isn’t enjoyed the way it should be anymore and i would appreciate it if you would have your voice heard on this matter wether thats by a vote or comment leave some feedback. Thanks.


Leave a vote! Let the devs know what you want

Already cancelled mine. Waste of money.

there are some good servers where there are active admins that do good policing like tearing down stuff built on loot spawns and promptly banning exploiters. when there were just public servers it was really hard to get a start on anything without being immediately cut down by 5-man groups who basically sweep across the map hitting the easy targets. there’s also the fact that a lot of people have taken a break from the game or are waiting out for dupe bugs or exploits to be fixed, like i was for a while til yesterday.

Did you play the game before they were added?

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90% of the time it doesn’t work out like that. The huge list scares a lot of people away and i feel like it’s more trouble that it’s worth.

Oh yes, absolutely, and it was amazing, of course. When I bought the private server, I was under the impression that they would be trickled out on a “need” basis since we were told there will only be a limited amount sold. Of course if I knew they were going to sell 250+, I would have never bothered.

Need to add vote system for private servers and filter by most voted servers. So players can see what servers are trusted.

So you definitely would like to see them completely removed?

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That isn’t the problem

Of course, yes.

Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming i feel like this is an issue that really needs to be addressed so speak up guys

Private servers are what’s killing this game.

Seems like a lot of people agree with you.

Why do you instantly reply to every post in every thread, mostly with questions?

10 server owner are unhappy about this.

Thats probably true for about half of them. I mean they would lose any money so i dont see the issue.

I will give my opinion about this thread.

I personally think that we must always have the option to open our private server or not, as we can play on public servers (Public meaning official) and private (Private meaning users normal that want a private server).

Of course we are going to have bad-private servers where admins use the power to make their characters powerful, ban withouth reason (At least common sense) & make their friends over other players. However, there can be other servers which have good admins & good ideas.

By the other hand, the public servers it’s a good place where start & play because there will be good admins & not power abuse. But, I think it will be harder to customize the server because it’s official and If you have ideas, knowledge & time (Money too) to open private server, customize & do a great server then go on.

That is what I think and I vote for ‘private servers to remain the game’ but we need official servers so we can decide between private & public.

To sum up my ideas: I like private servers because you can customize & make things where others serves (private & public) don’t do it, just because you think & have diferent perspective. For example, I want to open a private server and customize events, where some hours I will make some evens (Team vs Team, with objetives for example and give rewards to both teams so they can engage the gameplay). That is one example of all we can do in private servers.

Good evening

I respect your opinion but this just doesn’t work for a game like Rust. See a game where it works well is MineCraft. But this is a game where you invest a lot of time in and it is by no means casual. No one is going to be making adventures maps for Rust on their own server. It is a game that should be played the way the devs intended it.

I respectfully disagree; I do not believe that a large server list discourages a great deal of potential players from joining, nor do I believe private servers are at fault for the recent decline in players. In fact, I’m pretty confident that the decline has been due to the amount of bug abusers generally seen on any server. With the current lack of tools, it is not easy for an admin to check to see who is clipping through walls or duping items, which means that even if official servers were brought back up and private servers were taken down, there would be no change, other than the potential to drive even more players from the game.

Personally, I haven’t played a whole lot recently due to getting rather bored with the game. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a whole lot of content in the game yet. I’m not done with it, I’m just waiting for more stuff to be added. Every update I might jump on from time to time and glance at the new stuff, but other then that, I’m just biding my time for a more polished game to form.

I will agree that it is very easy for the admins of rented servers to abuse the current command system, but I’ve seen servers with high abuse lose their player-base very quickly to those who don’t. I’ve also seen servers with rather loyal administration that try their best to keep their small community happy.

I think you just have to make a filter option in server selection:
Official Servers / Private Servers
This way the official servers will rise in population again thats for sure.