Who want's to start a TTT server with me? (REDO)

OK. I used to own a TTT server in the past, it was getting expensive so I stopped, and became a Super Admin on a few other servers.

I was wondering if anybody wanted to start a new server with me. We will both have the same power of everything. I’m willing to pay for the first, then we alternate from there.

If anybody is interested then PM me on Steam (Vibrios), or just reply here. :slight_smile:

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When I said “I’m willing to pay for the first”, I meant the first month.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread, not two" - postal))

Making two posts on the same thing… why?

Seriouslly, if you added onto what you said why not just reply to your original thread? sigh stupidity.

Also you paying the 1st month and then the other person pays the rest…? why? Why not just then, as an example, myself, make my own server if im going to windup paying upkeep anyways?

Why should I also stave at being super admin on the server and get no true rights to the server itself? Like the funds and the server information as a hole?

At any rate it might as well be “Do it yourself”. Both to you and anyone else.

There’s an edit post button you know…

Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get much response here.

Understand that people here would rather start a server with either someone they know or on their own. Many people may be hesitant to start a server, which if you genuinely care about it is a very big and long term project, with someone who they don’t know and only has three forum posts.

There are hundreds of extremely similar TTT servers already available. Do you have any coding knowledge? Do you expect this person you’re looking for to? I think you should sit down and have a proper think of where you want this server to go and how you’re going to make it stand out, before going ahead and asking for help.