Who would like to see rust being a more trade focused game? With a rating system?

So i’ve been thinking about how lots of people always complain about murder in rust, well after seeing a comment of the Friday dev blog suggesting a screen like a list of players with reputation scores being able to rate someone as friendly or evil or neutral or how friendly from a scale to 1-10 or Angel to Satan or whatever would be awesome. Which brought me to the idea of lots of player trading i.e. i’ll trade you X wood Planks for X Metal with a neat trading interface and if the guy kills you or traps you inside his house or what ever you can rate him on the reputation board, which would lead to no one trading with him or being friendly with him, this whole rating board could easily be taken advantage of by just badly rating people even if they have done nothing to you, I have thought of this and I want feed back from other people as to how the Ratings could be setup correctly? Also how for a poll who would like to see more trading in rust and or a rating system?

Read this blog post and then look at your idea again.

Make your own rating system instead of being lazy and depending on code to do it for you.

I was just wondering is this is something people would like i didn’t say I was going to make it. Also i am a rust veteran ive read that article and that article was what I had exactly in mind when i thought about this, that article talks about not taking away the players freedom and this doesn’t. What it does do is give incentive to not murder everyone in sight for no reason tho if you don’t like trading then go a head and murder everyone, this rating system does’t limit you it just lets people know that you are an evil ass hole and to not try and trade with you but if you don’t like trading then it doesn’t affect you, it helps the people who are nice and doesn’t effect the murders. If anything this would expand the experience of rust by giving murders nice people and inbetweens an identity not just that one guy so before you comment please try and deeper understand my post before calling me lazy and implying im trying to limit people. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you read it?

Sounds like a good idea for a mod, and I’d be surprised if a reputation mod doesn’t already exist. Although I don’t know of any mods that actually embed a leaderboard into the server, at the moment, since experimental just began and legacy didn’t have the HTML UI to extend.

Trust me i have read it, this doesn’t really discourage people from killing if you want to go and murder everyone NOTHING is stopping you its just when you do kill lots of people then people know that ur out there to raid loot and kill because of the rating system. It doesn’t discourage people from killing, UNLESS you want to trade with people which makes sense because in real life no one wants to do business with someone who murders people and is an ass hole but if you don’t care about trading and you just want to gather everything the original way then go ahead and do that and this rating wont really affect you.

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Also there are no mods for a reputation system on oxide or magma but there are mods for EXP and levels.

I wish the mods would make a sticky explicitly stating that a reputation system won’t be officially added to stop people asking for it

i don’t really want to see artificial systems put in place to make trading/interactions safer. that would truly make this game boring for me. i’m happy to be robbed, murdered, tricked and raided. these things are fun, and what rust is about. and it makes it so much nicer when you get a random who is actually friendly drop all their gear for you before they log out, and tell you the passcode for the base they are abandoning.

-rep bad trader

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what a stupid idea