Whole entire gmod rp messed up

Having a huge problem and need of some serious help. My whole gmod is screwed, im on a build rp server and i cant do anything. The Q menu wont open, the f4 menu wont open, and my ass menu wont open. Then in the screenshots you can also see some of the errors http://s462.photobucket.com/albums/qq348/Bam6395/Gmod/?action=view&current=Untitled1.jpg this is the weapon error i get when i try to access some of my admin weapons like arrest baton and such. http://s462.photobucket.com/albums/qq348/Bam6395/Gmod/?action=view&current=Untitled.jpg this is what pops up when i press tab, as you can notice its not a normal rp looking style, also you can see i cant get money at the bottom left hand corner, it looks like its a build server. http://s462.photobucket.com/albums/qq348/Bam6395/Gmod/?action=view&current=3.jpg and here are some errors that show up in console

Clean up your gmod.


Try deleting some of your addons except the ones needed for RP, some of them could be conflicting.

i havent downloaded anything yet this happened as soon as i downloaded garrys mod

Be a little more specific when you’re helping people. New people aren’t going to know what ‘clean up your gmod’ means.

name your gmod folder to garrysmodold and launch gmod again, correct me if i’m wrong but that is cleaning up gmod

what will that do

basically resets it all but keeps your old gmod folder to copy stuff

Also after i leave a server and i try to rejoin i have to redownload all the files

that didnt work

Did you disable the option to download custom content from game servers?

ok the problem is on only 1 server so i said fuck that server