whole house and surrounding houses disappeared?

title says it all

Although the title describes your problem, the body is to elaborate. What were you doing before you logged off? did the game crash? what OS and computer specs are you using?

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Being so early in development there isn’t a great deal known about glitches, that’s what you are for to provide as complete and accurate information as possible about what you were doing when the glitch occurred. Also are you sure you didn’t just misplace your house?

i just put my stuff in my house and logged came back 4 hours later and everything is gone around me

The map was wiped earlier, could be you logged out before the wipe, and logged in after the wipe.

Rust has a maximum number of things that can exist on its map at once, and when it hits that limit, building stops working. The devs do a wipe on the server every time it hits the limit, so expect things to be lost frequently while they deal with that.

i know i usually log out with important stuff so its not a qq just was wondering