Whole map is open now yet there is nothing out there. We need more resources.

So for the past three days I have been trying to farm the items needed to craft iron doors and satchel charges so that I can test the destruction and see if I can find any bugs. I say TRYING because I have never even come CLOSE to gathering enough metal fragments to build one metal door, let alone enough gunpowder to craft a satchel charge.

This isn’t an “OMG I KEEP GETTING KILLED!” rant. It’s a “I keep getting killed because there are too many people in such a small area and MORE KEEP JOINING EVERY DAY!” rant.

If some of the ideas were implemented then we could test to our hearts content. We who WANT to test instead of play a glorified Call of Duty: Rust Edition game can run off into the wilderness and find a nice secluded valley where we can farm materials needed and craft to our hearts content.

Some more resources would be nice, but I don’t think they want everyone to be completely isolated.

I think you should go raid some people.

It’s alpha, be patient.

I stopped watching after he complained about CoD like players who keep killing him.

What do you want people to do on this game? Let you walk past them? lol

This is an alpha test, where we are supposed to be testing the basics to make sure they at least function.

But with the limited resources in such a small area this is impossible to do.

But then your response just screams “I KILL FRESH SPAWNZ 4 T3H LULZ!!1!!12ELEVEN1!”

Try harder live with bare supply’s only go out at night, solution to everything.

I think it wouldn’t make sense to add resources in that area in this early stage, there is around 100-200 players on all the time and this would make everyone live really far from eachother. Even with this resource spawning zone you can make a base pretty far away from the spawn so i think it is good as it is.

It’s still alpha.

I don’t think it’s too hard to add resource spawns though.
What is it, like just adding some variables to tell where to spawn?

So, about your 3D printer…

The reason material spawns are in the middle of crowded areas is because it is meant to be a slight challenge to gather resources. If materials were scattered everywhere it would be ridiculously easy to create bases and weapons.

I think the resources being limited may be intentional. At the moment, it’s what spurs the majority of the PvP that I see. If everybody could live in a secluded area without being bothered by each other, nobody would fight and it’d essentially be big game hunter simulator 2013

randomly generated resources?

To everyone complaining saying “IT’S AN ALPHA!”…

The point of an alpha test is to test that the basics are working and to provide feed back as to what can be done to make the game work. I am providing feed back.

Get over it.

I just thought of what I think is a great idea plus a way to stop new players from being mowed down:

Make the spawn area have a few rocks, few wood piles, and a decent number of animals.
Then put some hot spots (lots of rocks, wood piles, and animals) out in the radiation area.
This way, big groups of people or small, greedy groups/people can get pushed out of the spawn area.

Make something so that the experts (not fresh spawns) have a reason to go somewhere else. Be it more resources, special items (Blueprints for the charges!) be far away from the spawn, so noobs don’t get easy shit right away and higher up players have a reason to fuck off.

It’d be better if they added a LOT more trees, grass, shrubs, and stuff. Make it so you can easily spot someone from a distance unless they are in an open field or patch.

This has nothing to do with the topic, at all. This is about what to do with the new area since the removal of the radiation wall.

It’s just a general Idea, i know it has nothing to do with the topic but in general it would be a good idea. Especially since he is talking about dying so easily, it’d be harder to die if it’s hard to tell which way he has gone. Plus adding a randomization of materials and ores, rather than specific spots, it makes it feel like WoW when you know where to go to mine. So randomized placement of ores on top of a much more bushier map, it’d be harder to find ore, but it’s out there, and you can easily evade an enemy while in the search for it.

What are you talking about? What exactly are you unable to test? I’ve watched streams of people playing this game who have literally crafted the hardest things to make numerous times. From what I have seen, if you WANT to do something in this game, you can do it.

To me it sounds like you died a few times with a bunch of resources and you got salty about it, to which I would say, get over it. Believe it or not, you are not the only one playing the pre-alpha, and if you are not good enough to kill people shooting at you, the devs shouldn’t have to implement an easy-mode just for people who are bad at the game. You are acting as if everyone is a paid tester, who’s job is to soley play the game and find/report bugs. Sorry bud, that is where you are wrong. Nobody is getting paid, therefore nobody is playing for the sole reason to report bugs. They play for their own enjoyment, and when they happen to run across bugs, THEN they report it. They are not ACTIVELY looking for bugs. You may argue that they should be, but that’s never going to happen and it’s really stupid to think it will, especially when they give keys out randomly to random people.