Whole map rendering at once

Its rendering the whole map at once, not sections.

Heres some screen shots of wireframe.


When i use areaportals, they dont load up as area portals on compile. Instead they show as huge blocks on the map that just block areas off.

404 Not Found.

regarless, it is a leak.

Yeah, it is.

I made a giant box around my whole map, It is not a leak


Don’t do that. Post your compile log in


are you running VVIS at all?

Yeah definantly, and when i try loading the pointmap file, it always gives me a line randomly placed in the void or huge open area.

I have to re-compile to get the log since i deleted it

You have a prop origin outside the map or something.


Then select everything and look for any circles in the 2dgrids where the line starts.