Whom to contact about a refund?

I know some are going to incite a flamewar over it, but whom at Facepunch do I contact for a refund? The game is nice and all but between the extremely poor performance of it (despite other Unity-based games running fine for me), an overabundance of griefers, I just can’t spend more than five or ten minutes playing at the time with an very low framerate just trying to collect the most basic of resources before people fully geared stroll along and murder me (I get pvp is a part of the game but when you can’t even fight back to defend yourself that is not pvp).

Is there someone specific at Facepunch I can contact for a refund? Do I need to contact Paypal?

you don’t get a refund, you paid to have early access to the beta and access to the game when it came out. if you played the game at all under that key it is considered services rendered, you have no right to get a refund. sorry.

So I would need to contact paypal for a dispute then I assume.

The only way I can see you getting a refund is if you can prove to Paypal that the product you received is not fit for its intended use. Judging by the issues you have stated though you have nothing, the devs cannot control what players do in the game and the game is about PvP (like you said) also the performance issues are less of a problem with the game and more of a problem with your PC. I could be completely wrong though.

You should use PVE servers if griefers are disturbing you on the first place. On the second place i think you have right to ask for a refund, because you paid to test a game, and servers at this moment dont allow any test at all. Alpha or not, servers are half time down and half time lagged, that doesnt allow any real test of in game balance or nothing.

PayPal does not provide refunds for non-tangible goods.

Completely besides that fact, I think it is incredibly rude of you to request a refund for a product that you willingly purchased and used.

Stop being a whiny little [insert random insult] and learn to play the game. Or go play on a PvE server if you don’t have the skill to hold your own on PvP.

Damn it demon this was nearly the first ever calm facepunch thread

as judge judy would say, “you bought it, you used it, you’re stuck with it”

No one. Deal with it.

Yeah. A refund is not going to happen at all :slight_smile: You can’t even consider it. You HAVE got what you’ve paid for. I wholeheartedly advise against even pursuing it. Sure they might be kind and go why the ef not but you’re really pushing it :slight_smile:

Well Garry have been doing some refund before, i just cant remember what post it was he talked about it in last…

If you want a refund just open a dispute in Paypal.


Read the post below me.

No, don’t do this. I’ve seen garry give refunds to individuals who have requested it.
You can submit a support ticket: http://support.facepunchstudios.com/new-ticket

READ THE MEGATHREADS! They are there for a reason.

Thank you, I’ve submitted a ticket.


Just to put it out there i have 2 views to this problem:-

1 - It is a no brainer that people who bought the game for $100 like a month or two ago are gonna be geared up and pretty much twat u in the head with a semi-auto headblaster. Thats the whole point u** survive**, they survived. They started off at the same stage you are at at the moment. so dont see how u cant survive like them unless u are pretty shit at the game and only bought it to able to join conversation regarding the game with ur friends. So man up and try to survive. dont matter how many times u get killed as a matter of fact it should make u better at playing the game. [about to go on rant but imma stop right here!]

2 - on the other hand though, the game has sold 11,264 keys [yerp thats how much its at right now] so having starter packs or kits would be a good idea as we arent talking abt players in their hundreds and thousands. we are talking about ten thousands and this number is gonna increase and not decrease. so having some sorta starter kit for noobs wouldn’t be a bad idea. i mean just basic gear should be fine like lets say a pistol with 5 bullets, water, food, axe. Nothing more nothing less.

Thats my view. I would go on a rant as to how people should man up and play the game for what it is but this guy has a fair point. Its all abt posting it at the right time and place… if he had posted the same thing when there were only 2000 players i would have** backhanded **him but we are talking abt 11000 players now.

as always,
See you later and stay awesome


Thanks for bolding all those words ~Niik~, it really helped deliver your point. Anyways, as always, See you later and stay awesome.

This is not a valid reason to request a refund.
Companies are forced by law to refund ONLY if goods are broken, damaged or do not work the way they’re supposed to.
This is not the case with Rust, so there is no reason why they would give you a refund.