"whoo whoo Mr offscreen appears!"

as a No-offscreen

Black bar at the bottom.

dat ass


it looks exactly like every other picture you’ve ever made: bland, boring, brown. i suggest you find some originality and talent and put them to use, any idiot can do what you’re doing right now.

You called yourself an idiot :smiley:

yeah i dunno if you noticed but that one brown mw2 pose i did with black bars and generic offscreen shooting and all was meant to be ironic

It’s not a good thing to be a wannabe of you. because your images are horribly overdosed with grit and brown and are crazygeneric.


Isn’t crazygeneric something of an oxymoron?

You should try something different. These are all the same CoD4/MW2 screenies all over again. No, I’m definitely not telling you not to make military or war poses, but increase the damn scale! There’s always one, two or three guys shooting and one getting shot and that’s it. Use your imagination. An example: Make a big war pose in an urban setting. Yes, no more grass, please. Add explosions, smoke, missile trails, bodies, dying men, flying debris and such. Make it look like WAR, not Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Switch away from the boring, brown/yellow/desaturated colour tone. World has other colours too, like blue. Don’t just slap a colour overlay on your picture though, there’s a 50% chance that it fails. Your muzzleflashes seem good enough already, so why not implement them in some huge clash between two forces?

So: Do something different.

increase the scale


yeah nobody wants to be his wannabe!

I don’t make overdid pictures (I used to…)
it hurts everybody’s eyes! xD
but I got nothing to say about brown and generic :confused:

but he is wannabe


Look who’s talking.

Like everything except the blood. Looks like it should have a wound in the middle or something.

Map name please? :slight_smile:

No :slight_smile: