whos host supports new oxide update

whos host has already got the new new oxide update ?
also what host support pluton

Streamline servers, FPSPlayers and Revolt servers are our (pluton) supporter. Branzone.com installs pluton as well. If anyone else knows about any other GSP providing pluton, please do tell.

You should probably ask the providers.
I know daemonserver and gameservers host oxide, but no idea for the others

Oxide 2.3 is open to the public ATM not sure if any hosts have taken it yet. Oxide seam to be working on there plugin interface. i would check here.


most hosting providers are ok but i would stay away for revolt servers, a dubious company to say the least.

Personnaly i recommend gameservers, they have the best anti DDOs between all the providers.

m8the amount of time i was ddossed with game servers is rediculous, they once stopped my server for dossing and it was down 4 days later had to do a paypal dispute to get money back never again.
dein servers are fantastic but dont host pluton unfortunatly.

No Anti-D/DOS system is perfect there are limits to all forms of the technology, no DDOS protection will protect you 100% of the time, if they claim that you’re simply being lied too.

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well true no anti ddos is perfect, but they have the basic anti ddos with vacuum thingy and mirror ips that make the tracking of the server harder. so no random kid can ddos the server.
but just telling my impressions, i’ve been on a lot of providers and gameservers were the safest i found.
(but no i didn’t go on FPSplayers ;))

I know Revolt supports both Pluton and Oxide for their customers.

When it comes to DDoS Protection, you can not be 100% protected. You will always receive attacks. However, the thing that separates a good host from a bad one is how they work around to prevent/mitigate it. Good hosts will usually automatically move the bad traffic over their stress servers. It will cause the targeted game servers to lag a bunch until its mitigated (usually a couple of minutes). Other hosts, with less knowledge will null route your IP for X hours until the attack is stopped. Nulling means downtime for hours.