Who's open for commissions? Looking for mappers for variety of themes.

Hello! I know this thread seems a bit out of the ordinary but I basically wanted to get a feel for who would be open to Commissions for maps. A bit of background on the current situation.

I was commissioning maps from Statua, also known as the author of the Ineu Valley series. He’s also made quite a few other notable maps. I commissioned RP_Zaton_V1 and RP_Yanov (He’s still working on it) however he recently informed me that after this map, he’ll no longer be taking any commissions, as his full time job has now taken full effect. This being said I’ll need to look for a new mapper(s). The budget for each of these maps was $500. I paid $400 to Statua for Zaton, and currently am awaiting the last part of the commission for Yanov (Another $400). Now if you’ve seen the names so far as well, you’ve probably noticed these maps are from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. The variety of themes comes from all the projects I host. The current themes we’re looking to map out after some Stalker maps are Metro / Last Light, Aliens, and Star Wars. I’ve seen various people come to me asking to host their ideas as well, so it may mean more themes later on.

For specifics on my current projects, I have Statua working on Yanov, and a potential working on Limansk. I wanted to re-create maps from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and some mods, as well as completely new maps themed off the games. For those I’d take a few weeks to carefully plan out every detail possible for a map so you’re not left asking too many questions.

Some images from the previously commissioned map, rp_zaton_v1


The budget for each of the new maps sticks to around $500. With others and with you I employ a system of either “Half upfront, Half upon completion” or “Half upfront, 1/4 Mid-way, Rest upon completion”. I have no qualms signing contracts for these either, as I did with previous mappers. If you’d like me to explain more details about a current project you might wish to partake in, simply reply to the thread or contact me on my steam.

Also if this is the wrong section, or if I did a poor job of creating this thread PLEASE TELL ME, I don’t normally post here and my last post was from ages ago. Thanks for your time!

I’d just like to say that you did a great job with the thread.

I hope you do find someone suitable for the job as it seems to me that almost all the really talented people have left source mapping.

Just wanna tell you that you linked a picture instead of your steam profile.

My mistake, Thanks for correcting that!

I may potentially be very interested in this depending on if you need another STALKER level or not.

Sure do. I’ve got plenty of stalker / custom stalker ones I want to get made. As that’s my main project. You can add me on steam or discuss here

Somehow i know your nickname “Deadi” from somewhere but im not really sure from where.

Very interested. Sent you a friend request over Steam.

That might be due to me being in a few different places. And I’ve been around GMod for about 9 years or so now.

Also I’ve got about 3 mappers who added me. I don’t wanna get everyone’s hopes up as I can only allocate so much in a given time! So for now I might be good. Thanks for the help!