Who's That Pok... Character?!

The texture is lame because it’s ripped from something… But who recognises this guy? :smiley:

Hats off to all those other fans who do recognise him!


Duh…He looks familiar…


Mufasa. That’s my guess.

The hell? Where have I seen this? For some reason I think of Deus Ex.

Aslan? That lion in Narnia

isnt that the lion from the wizard of oz?

A furry?

It reminds me of Deus Ex too, maybe because of the tribal-ish style of the lion design. Not sure if I recognize him, though. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be in the car…

Oops, forgot about this topic. It’s Omni Viewer from those really old Sonic comics! ;_; Very quickly textured…

Really? O.o

Edit: Huh, so it is, I truely don’t remember it looking like that :S

Is it just me, or does the picture rotate very slowly?


It does seem to yes, but it can’t be as its a .jpg @.@ (you can’t animate jpg’s i’m sure)