"Who's that? who's outside?" - A guy is going to be arrested.


C&C and Comment pl0x

I dig the lighting.

both the guys with pistols seem to be in a hell of alot of pain

I sure as hell would not hold a pistol like that

I’m not so good at pistol posing.
thanks anyway

i wish i had gmod again btw is dimitri floating?

no but shadow fail.

That looks like a really big door.

You are now aware how fucked up source’s scaling is.

That’s some damn nice lighting. What’s up with the strange gray tinge everything has, though? Up the contrast abit. The posing on the two soldiers to the right is awkward; Especially on the guy wielding the AR. His right leg makes it look like he’s walking. If he is walking, then his left leg should be straighter, more forward, and less bent. If he’s standing still, then that’s an awfully uncomfortable position. Lean his torso in the other direction; Not only is it counter productive for the support arm and hand since he can’t reach all the way to the handguard or would have to fully extend out his arm (uncomfortable and unnatural), but it shifts his body’s weight distribution to the right, which would cause him to fall over since his right leg isn’t up forward and straight enough to support it. Seriously, just try to stand like him in real life; I guarantee you’ll fall over. I even tried it myself.

The pistol wielding guy beside him is fine however. Pistol should be pointed more downward though, and his head should be looking up more in near perfect alignment with the direction the pistol is pointing in or the sights if you want to.

Oh and what model is that suit wearing guy? Looks damn nice.

Thank you for critism!

model is Dimitri from GTA4

The posing and the lighting is kind of nice. Good job!